Built on the positive approach to healing throughout your journey fighting cancer

"Eliminate fear from your mind then find your courage to fight"

The WOTC program is designed to help manage the impacts of cancer and treatment through:

  • Improved body and weight management
  • Maintenance of cardiovascular function
  • Mobility/flexibility
  • Mindfulness and focus which help reduce depression and emotional pitfalls

CANCER CROSSROAD: From Discovery to Recovery

By Workout Through Cancer founder Peter Green

Peter Green shares his battle with brain cancer to inspire others. Cancer Crossroad is a truthful, emotional look into one man’s journey forward after hearing the words, “We found something.” He weaves together all the pieces of his life--family, friends, romance and work—and the dramatic changes they all undergo after he is diagnosed with cancer. Green describes the important steps cancer patients and survivors can take to help overcome fear, stay strong, tolerate side effects, gain confidence, and take control to own their fight to survive.

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